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Manchester Central to Liverpool Central (via Warrington and Widnes North)

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Garston to Brunswick 01.06.1864
[Skelton Junction] Glazebrook Est. Junction to Cressington 01.03.1873
Warrington Loop Line 01.03.1873
Cornbrook Jn to Glazebrook Est. Junction 02.09.1873
Brunswich to Liverpool Central 01.03.1874
Manchester Central to Cornbrook Junction 09.07.1877 (Mon)
Manchester Central (New Sta) 01.07.1880 (Thu)
Irlam Deviation 09.01.1893 (G)
Irlam Deviation 26.03.1893 (P)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 75 m.p.h. on Main lines
1 ↓↓ Manchester Central Station
↑↑ ↓↓ Cornbrook West Junction 1m 70yds
3 ↑↑ Throstle Nest East Junction 0m 493yds
4 ↓↓ Trafford Park Junction 0m 1300yds PL 20
5 Trafford Park and Stretford Sidings (No signals for main lines) 0m 738yds
6 ↕↑ Trafford Park and Stretford Station 0m 775yds
7 Urmston Station 1m 1705yds
Chassen Road Station
8 Flixton Station 1m 117yds
9 Irlam Station 2m 687yds
10 Glazebrook East Junction 0m 1397yds
Glazebrook Station
11 Glazebrook West Junction 0m 787yds
12 Dam Lane Junction 0m 1037yds
13 Risley Moss 0m 1533yds
14 ↓↕↕ Risley East 0m 1509yds
Risley Station
15 ↕↑ Risley West 0m 557yds
16 Padgate Station 1m 712yds DRS 50
17 Padgate Junction 0m 838yds
18 Warrington Central Workshops 0m 1027yds
19 Warrington Central Sidings (No signals for main lines) 0m 977yds
20 Warrington Central Station 0m 400yds
21 Bewsey 0m 890yds
22 Sankey Junction 0m 1146yds
23 Sankey Stn. 1m 877yds
24 Widnes North Est. Junction 1m 1404yds DGL 104
25 Widnes North Station 1m 1528yds DRS 40
URS 53
26 Hough Green Junction 1m 813yds
Hough Green Station
27 Halewood East Junction 2m 568yds
28 Halewood West Junction (No signals for main lines) 0m 429yds
29 ↓↓ Hunt’s Cross East Junction 0m 1322yds
30 ↑↑ Hunt’s Cross West Junction 0m 1572yds
31 Garston Station 0m 1366yds UPL 20
32 Cressington & G. Station 0m 971yds
Mersey Road Station
33 Otterspool 1m 484yds DGL 60
St. Michael’s Station
34 Brunswick 2m 19yds DGL 21
35 Liverpool Central Station 1m 782yds c.17.04.1972