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Books that I have

Official Railway Publications

Railway Clearing House Books

Working Timetables

In my collection I have a number of working timetables, some of them dating back to the 1950s. A working timetable was the official timetable issued to staff. As well as passenger services, these books also included empty stock and light engine movements, as well as showing head codes, timings at passing places, mileages, train formation and lots more besides. Some timetables were specific to either passenger or freight trains, while others were mixed..

Traditionally, there were three types of freight train, often shown in three separate timetables:

Mandatory trains were freight services that were usually likely to run. These trains were often included in the passenger timetables.

Conditional trains were freight services of a less reliable nature and were often given their own timetable.

Trip workings were the local freights that went from marshalling yards to local sidings, usually within a small area, mostly on an as required basis. They had their own timetable.

Passenger trains were also divided into two different types of WTT. The main edition contained all passenger workings and associated empty stock and light engine movements that were not of a highly localised nature. Local movements between, for instance, Manchester Piccadilly and Longsight, or Manchester Victoria and Newton Heath, were shown in a separate timetable. The local timetables included all passenger workings, associated empty stock, freight and light engine movements and also gave a more detail picture of workings at stations, including platform numbers.

Manchester/Liverpool/West Coast Timetables

Many of my timetables are specific to the Manchester/Liverpool areas. Towards the end of the 1960s this area was divided into north and south for the purposes of internal passenger timetables:

Crewe to Carlisle and branches timetables:

Local movement timetables for the Manchester area:

Freight timetables were similarly divided between north and south, but were eventually merged, before being separated again.

Other specifically Manchester area timetables:

Compilation timetables

Some of my most interesting WTTs are compilations of a number of smaller books made into larger volumes. These are as follows:

Published Books

(Many of these books are available second hand from Abebooks. Give them a visit and see what they can offer before you start paying new prices.)