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Trent Station South Junction & Trent Junction to Manchester Central (via Derby and Cheadle Heath)

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Rowsley to Buxton 01.06.1863
Millers Dale to New Mils South Junction [New Mills Central] 01.10.1866 (G)
Millers Dale to New Mils South Junction [New Mills Central] 24.01.1867 (G)* * Reopened after landslip
Millers Dale to New Mils South Junction [New Mills Central] 01.02.1867 (P)
Cornbrook to Manchester Cen (Temp Sta) 09.07.1877
[Heaton Mersey Est. Junction] Heaton Mersey Stn. Junction to Throstle Nest Est. Junction 01.01.1880
Manchester Cen. (New Sta) 01.07.1880
Great Northern Goods Branch 01.07.1898 (G)
Cheadle Heath to Heaton Mersey Station Junction 01.10.1901
New Mills Sth. Junction to Cheadle Heath 04.05.1902 (G)
New Mills Sth. Junction to Cheadle Heath 01.07.1902
Peak Forest Junction/Rowsley Gds. to Matlock 01.07.1968
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 20 m.p.h.
1 Trent South Junction
2 Sheet Stores Junction 0m 690yds
1 Trent Junction
2 Sheet Stores Junction 0m 811yds
3 Sawley Junction Station 0m 933yds
4 Sawley 1m 374yds
5 Draycott and Breaston Station 0m 1339yds DRS 42
URS 50
6 Borrowash Station 2m 808yds DRS 41
7 Spondon Station 1m 391yds
8 Spondon Junction 0m 764yds
9 Way and Works Sdgs. 1m 1264yds
10 London Road Junction 0m 355yds
11 ↑↑↑ "A" Box (No signals for No.6 platform or goods lines) 0m 268yds
12 ↑↑↑ Engine Sdgs. No.1 (No signals for main lines or goods line) 0m 212yds
13 ↕↑↑↑↑ Derby Midland Station North Junction (No signals for up goods line or Independent line) 0m 30yds
14 Derby Midland Junction 0m 216yds
15 Derby Midland North Junction 0m 519yds
Nottingham Road Station
16 St. Mary’s Junction 0m 1307yds
17 Breadsall Crossing 1m 1045yds
18 Little Eaton Junction 0m 635yds DRS 42
19 ↓↓Peckwash Mill Sdgs. 1m 291yds
20 Duffield Junction 0m 1421yds
21 Belper Goods 1m 1753yds DRS 55
UGL 50
Belper Station
22 ↓↓Broadholme 1m 970yds
23 ↑↑ Ambergate South Junction 1m 308yds
24 Ambergate Station Junction 0m 615yds
25 Ambergate West Junction 0m 332yds
Whatstandwell Station
26 Whatstandwell Sidings 2m 230yds URS 48
27 High Peak Junction 0m 1485yds URS 35
28 Cromford Sidings 1m 516yds DRS 65
Cromford Station
29 Matlock Bath Station (Map) 1m 403yds
30 Matlock Station (Map) 1m 570yds
31 ↓↓Darley Dale Station (Map) 1m 1758yds c. 06.03.1967
32 ↑↑ Church Road Crossing 0m 786yds
33 ↓↓Rowsley South Junction 0m 1662yds
34 ↓↓ Rowsley Up Sidings (Signals up goods line only) 0m 280yds
35 ↓↓ Rowsley Down Sidings No.2 (Signals 2nd down goods line only) 0m 440yds
36 Rowsley Down Sidings No.1 (Signals 1st and 2nd down goods lines only) 0m 20yds
37 Rowsley North Junction 0m 580yds DRS 24
Rowsley Station (Map) c. 1st 01.08.1862 c. 2nd 06.03.1967
38 Haddon 2m 259yds DRS 33
39 Bakewell Station (Map) 1m 854yds c. 06.03.1967
40 Hassop (Map) 0m 1542yds DRS 44 c. 17.08.1942
Great Longstone Station (Map) c. 10.09.1962
41 Monsall Dale (Map) 2m 1490yds DRS 55 c. 10.08.1959
42 ↓↓Lime Coy’s. Sdgs. 2m 578yds
43 Millers Dale Station (Map) 0m 734yds c. 06.03.1967
44 Millers Dale Junction 1m 345yds
45 Peak Forest Junction 0m 898yds DRS 40
46 Tunstead 1m 168yds
47 Great Rocks Junction 0m 1520yds DRS 34
URS 43
48 Peak Forest South 0m 1221yds
Peak Forest Station (Map) c. 06.03.1967
49 Peak Forest North 0m 574yds
50 Dove Holes Tunnel 2m 795yds URS 16
URS 13
51 Chapel-en-le-Frith Central Station (Map) 1m 93yds c. 06.03.1967
52 Chinley South Jn 0m 908yds
53 ↓↓Chinley North Jn 0m 808yds
54 ↑↑ ↓↓↓Chinley Station South Junction 0m 1641yds
55 ↑↑ ↓↓Chinley Station North Junction (Map) 0m 346yds
56 ↑↑ ↓↓Buxworth Junction (Map) 1m 863yds c. 15.09.1958
57 ↑↑ ↓↓ Gowhole Goods Junction (No signals for fast lines) 0m 917yds
58 ↑↑ New Mills South Junction 0m 1085yds
59 Disley 1m 1372yds DGL 55
URS 43
60 Hazel Grove (Map) 3m 399yds DRS 43
URS 52
c. 01.01.1917
61 Bramhall Moor Lane 1m 700yds URS 48* * Used from down side also
62 ↓↓Cheadle Heath South Jn 2m 953yds
Cheadle Heath Station (Map) c. 02.01.1967
63 ↑↑ Cheadle Heath North Junction 0m 508yds
64 Heaton Mersey Station Junction (Map) 0m 1454yds c. 03.07.1961
65 Didsbury Goods Yard 1m 40yds URS 39
Didsbury Station (Map) c. 02.01.1967
66 Withington and West Didsbury Station (Map) 0m 1678yds c. 03.07.1961
67 Chorlton-cum-Hardy Junction 1m 691yds
68 Chorlton-cum-Hardy Station (Map) 0m 902yds c. 02.01.1967
69 Throstle Nest South Junction 1m 495yds
70 ↓↓Throstle Nest East Junction 0m 470yds
71 ↑↑ Cornbrook West Junction 0m 493yds
72 ↑↑ Manchester Central Station (Map) 1m 70yds c. 1st 01.07.1880 2nd 05.05.1969


Peak Rail Originally intended to reopen the entire line from Matlock to Buxton, Peak Rail now run services from Matlock to Rowsley, with little prospect of progression north without a major cash injection.