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Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
[Glastonbury] Evercreech Junction to Templecombe 03.02.1862
Templecombe Lower to Upper N/W Curve 31.08.1863
Templecombe Lower to Upper N/E Curve 00.04.1870 (A)
Evercreech Jn to Bath Junction 20.07.1874
Wincanton to Templecombe [Blandford] 14.06.1965 (G)
Bath Jn to Templecombe [Broadstone] 07.03.1966 (P)
Bath Co-op Sdg. to Writhlington 07.03.1966 (G/A)
Radstock to Templecombe [Blandford] 07.03.1966 (G/A)
Bath Junction to Co.op Sdg. 30.11.1967 (G/A)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
1 Bath Green Park Junction
2 Midford 3m 1459yds c. 07.03.1966
3 Wellow 2m 500yds c. 07.03.1966
Shoscombe and Single Hill Halt c. 07.03.1966
4 Writhlington 2m 1641yds
5 Radstock North "A" 0m 1420yds
Radstock North c. 07.03.1966
6 Radstock North "B" 0m 484yds
7 Midsomer Norton South 1m 1465yds c. 07.03.1966
8 Chilcompton 2m 35yds c. 07.03.1966
9 Moorewood 1m 269yds
10 Binegar 1m 686yds c. 07.03.1966
11 Masbury 1m 942yds
Masbury Halt c. 07.03.1966
12 Shepton Mallet Charlton Road 3m 374yds c. 07.03.1966
13 Evercreech New 3m 110yds c. 07.03.1966
14 Evercreech Junction North 1m 286yds
Evercreech Junction c. 07.03.1966
15 Evercreech Junction South 0m 704yds
16 Cole 2m 1231yds c. 07.03.1966
17 Wincanton 4m 420yds c. 07.03.1966
18 Templecombe Junction 3m 343yds
Templecombe Lower c. 17.01.1887
19 Templecombe 0m 826yds c. 03.01.1966