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Worting Junction to Devonport Junction

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed for 85 m.p.h. for locomotive hauled passenger trains
Maximum permissible speed for 75 m.p.h. for multiple unit trains
Maximum permissible speed for 60 m.p.h. for freight trains
1   Worting Junction
2 Oakley Station 2m 243yds
3 Overton Station 3m 325yds URS 26
4 Whitchurch North Station 3m 993yds URS 70
5 Hurstbourne Station 1m 1488yds
6 Andover Junction "A" 5m 435yds
7 ↕↑↑ Andover Junction "B" 0m 429yds URS 55
8 ↕↑ Red Post Junction 1m 383yds
9 Grateley Station 5m 22yds URS 34
10 Allington 2m 1577yds
Idmiston Halt
11 Porton Station 2m 1147yds URS 40
12 Tunnel Junction 4m 465yds
13 ↓↓Salisbury East 0m 1616yds DPL 20
14 ↑↑ Salisbury West 0m 755yds
15 Wilton South Station 2m 519yds
16 Dinton Station 5m 1467yds DGL 82
17 Chilmark 1m 916yds
18 Tisbury Station 2m 1372yds
19 Semley Station 4m 1650yds DRS 57
20 Gillingham Station 4m 300yds
21 Templecombe Station 6m 1385yds
22 Milborne Port Halt Station 2m 624yds
23 Sherborne Station 3m 1106yds
24 ↓↓Yeovil Junction "A" 4m 783yds
25 ↑↑ Yeovil Junction "B" 0m 561yds
26 Sutton Bingham 2m 209yds
27 Crewkerne Station 6m 955yds
28 Hewish 2m 1579yds DGL 69
29 Chard Junction Station 5m 250yds
30 Broom Gates 1m 1374yds
31 Axminster Station 3m 718yds
32 Seaton Junction Station 3m 503yds DPL 50
UPL 55
33 Honiton Incline 3m 1324yds DRS 34
34 Honiton Station 3m 293yds
35 Sidmouth Junction Station 4m 787yds URS 43
36 Whimple Station 3m 1441yds
37 Broad Clyst Station 3m 1163yds DRS 42
38 Pinhoe Station 1m 1511yds
39 Exmouth Junction 1m 1367yds
St. James Park Halt
40 ↓↓Exeter Central "A" 0m 1692yds
41 ↑↑ Exeter Central "B" 0m 482yds
42 Exeter St. Davids West (W.R.) 0m 876yds
For information regarding line from Exeter St. Davids West to Crowley Bridge Junction see Western Region Exeter Division Sectional Appendix
45 Cowley Bridge Junction (W.R.)
46 Newton St. Cyres Station 3m 21yds
47 Crediton Station 2m 1193yds
48 Yeoford Station 3m 1120yds
49 Coleford Junction 0m 1663yds
50 Bow Station 3m 1442yds
51 North Tawton Station 3m 252yds DRS 26
52 Sampford Courtenay Station 2m 1469yds
53 Okehampton Station 3m 1187yds
54 Meldon Quarry 2m 16yds
55 Meldon Junction 0m 1065yds URS 33
56 Bridestowe Station 4m 22yds
57 Lydford Station 3m 406yds
58 Brentor Station 1m 724yds
59 Tavistock North Station 5m 5yds
60 Bere Alston Station 6m 816yds
61 Bere Ferrers Station 2m 1467yds
Tamerton Foliot Halt
62 St. Budeaux Victoria Road Station 4m 431yds
63 Ford Station
64 Devonport Kings Road Station 2m 943yds
65 Devonport Junction (W.R.) 0m 1122yds