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Timperley Junction to Ditton Junction No.1

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Broadheath to Wilderspool 01.11.1853
Timperley Junction Broadheath 01.05.1854
Wilderspool to Warrington (Arpley) 01.05.1854
[Skelton Junction] Broadheath No. 1 to Latchford 08.07.1985
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h.
1 Timperley Junction
2 Deansgate Crossing 0m 381yds
3 Broadheath No. 1 0m 275yds
4 Broadheath No. 3 0m 1040yds DRS 41
URS 37
5 Sinderland Crossing 0m 1110yds
6 Dunham Massey Station (Level Crossing) 1m 1016yds
7 Heatley and Warburton Station (Level Crossing) 1m 822yds DRS 47
8 Lymm Lane Crossing 0m 457yds
9 Lymm Station (Level Crossing) 1m 463yds URS 46
10 Thelwall Station 1m 979yds
Latchford Station 2m 155yds
11 Wilderspool Crossing 1m 10yds
Arpley Station
12 Arpley Junction 0m 395yds
13 Slutchers Lane 0m 274yds
Bank Quay Station
14 Crosfield’s Crossing 0m 469yds
15 Litton’s Mill Crossing 0m 200yds
16 Monk’s Siding (Level Crossing) 0m 572yds
17 Sankey Bridges 0m 916yds
18 Carterhouse Junction (Level Crossing) 4m 337yds
19 Widnes No. 7 0m 1477yds
20 ↓↓ West Deviation Junction 0m 824yds
21 Ditton Junction No. 1 1m 140yds



One oddity of this line is the fact that the Great Western Railway enjoyed running powers from Warrington (Walton Jn) to Timperley. These powers were, however, never exercised. Relations with the L&NW company improved after the resignation of Captain Huish as the chairman of that company to such an extent that the GWR were able to reach Manchester Exchange via Newton-le-Willows.