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Oxford Road Station to Altrincham and Bowden South

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Manchester Oxford Rd. Altrincham 20.07.1849
Manchester London Rd. to Oxford Rd. 01.08.1849
Altrincham to Bowden 20.09.1849
Cornbrook Junction Deansgate Junction 24.12.1991 (All) For conversion to Metrolink.
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h.
1 1 Oxford Road Station 0m 1094yds o. 20.07.1849
Knott Mill and Deansgate Station o. 20.07.1849
2 Castlefield Junction 0m 799yds
        Cornbrook Station     o. 01.06.1856 c. 01.06.1865
3 Cornbrook Junction East 0m 1343yds
4 Old Trafford Junction 0m 590yds
5 ↓↓ Old Trafford Station 0m 727yds o. 20.07.1849
6 ↑↑ ↓↓ Warwick Road Station 0m 754yds
7 ↑↑ ↓↓ Stretford Station 0m 1531yds o. 20.07.1849
8 ↑↑ ↓↓ Mersey Bridge 0m 1516yds
Dane Road Station o. 20.07.1931
9 ↑↑ Sale Station 0m 1526yds
10 Brooklands Station 0m 1290yds o. 01.12.1859
Timperley Station o. 20.07.1849
11 2 Timperley Junction 1m 173yds
12 Deansgate Junction 0m 392yds
13 Navigation Road 0m 534yds o. 20.07.1931
14 ↓↓↓ Altrincham and Bowden North 0m 689yds
15 Altrincham and Bowden South 0m 313yds

1 The line between Manchester, Oxford Road and Manchester, London Road is not shown, the implication being that it was not in use due to the then ongoing electrification of the Manchester to Crewe line and the rebuilding of the bridge over London Road. The mileage is, however, shown in the Sectional Appendix and, for ease of navigation, I have made the link ‘live’.

2. This was a curve that ran to Skelton Junction on the C.L.C. line from Woodley to Glazebrook.


When the Great Western Railway was attempting to gain access to Manchester, they initially gained running powers over the Warrington and Stockport Railway to Timperley Junction. Although never exercised, this meant that the MAJ&A nearly played host to a Manchester to Paddington service.


Altrincham Electric Railway Preservation Society