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Blaenavon L.L. to Dock Street

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
1 Blaenavon L.L. CL 16
Cwmavon Halt
2 Cwmffrwd Junction 3m 214yds
Cwmffrwd Halt
Abersychan Low Level
3 Pontnewynydd Junction 1m 1215yds
4 Trevethin Junction 0m 600yds
5 Pontypool Crane Street 0m 561yds
6 Trosnant Junction 0m 577yds
Blaendare Road Halt
7 Panteg & Coedygric Junction 1m 308yds DGL 109
Panteg & Griffithstown
Pontrtdyrum Halt
8 Upper Pontnewydd Station 1m 1452yds
9 Cwmbran Sidings 0m 940yds
10 Cwmbran Junction 0m 435yds
11 Oakfield Sidings 0m 478yds
12 Crindau Sidings 3m 484yds
13 Mill Street North 0m 968yds
14 Mill Street South 0m 396yds
15 Moderator Sidings 0m 627yds
16 Cross Street Crossing 0m 473yds
17 Dock Street 0m 588yds Down Avoiding 7
Up avoiding 7