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Oxford and Wolverhampton via Worcester

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
1 Cutnall Green
2 Elmley Lovett Sidings 1m 908yds UGL 66
3 Hartlebury Station 0m 1188yds
4 Hartlebury Station Junction 0m 517yds
5 Kidderminster Junction 3m 44yds DGL 60
UGL 60
6 Kidderminster Station 0m 572yds
7 Churchill & Blakedown Station 3m 732yds DRS 46
URS 41
8 Hagley Station 1m 1243yds DRS 60
9 ↓↓ Stourbridge Junction South 1m 1144yds UGL 60
Stourbridge Junction Station
10 ↑↑ Stourbridge Junction Middle 0m 352yds
11 Stourbridge Junction North 0m 660yds
12 Stourbridge Engine Shed 0m 748yds
13 Brettell Lane 0m 1672yds
14 Kingswinford Junction Sth. 0m 627yds DGL 61
15 Kingswinford Junction Nth. 0m 792yds
Brierley Hill Station
16 Round Oak Stn. Sth. 0m 1210yds
17 Round Oak Stn. Nth. 0m 902yds URS 38
DGL 66
18 Blowers Green Sd’gs 0m 1562yds DRS 42
19 Blowers Green Junction 0m 539yds
Blowers Green Station
20 Dudley South 0m 1579yds
Dudley Station
21 Dudley North 0m 484yds
23 Princes End 0m 644yds DGL 42
Princes End and Coseley Station
Daisy Bank and Bradley Station
Bilston West Stn.
24 Bilston West 1m 1474yds
25 Priestfield Junction 0m 1320yds