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Preston Park and Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 85 m.p.h. for locomotive hauled passenger trains
Maximum permissible speed 75 m.p.h. for multiple unit trains
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h. for freight trains
1 Preston Park Station
2 Hove "A" 1m 286yds
1 Brighton Station
2 Hove "A" 1m 80yds
3 ↕↑ Hove "B" 0m 382yds
Aldrington Halt
4 Portslade and West Hove Station 1m 825yds
Fishergate Halt
5 Southwick Station 1m 578yds
6 Kingston Wharf 0m 1428yds
7 Shoreham-by-Sea "A" 0m 847yds
8 Shoreham-by-Sea "B" 0m 561yds
9 Lancing Station 2m 503yds
East Worthing Halt
10 Worthing Central "A" 2m 419yds
11 ↑↑ Worthing Central "B" 0m 502yds
12 West Worthing Station 0m 1029yds
Durrington-on-Sea Station
13 Goring-by-Sea Station 1m 144yds
14 Angmering Station 2m 806yds DRS 22
15 Lyminster Crossing 2m 758yds
16 Arundel Junction 0m 1755yds
17 Ford (Sussex) Station 0m 1083yds DPL 21
URS 70
18 Yapton Crossing 1m 653yds
19 Barnham Station 1m 774yds U&DPL 35
20 Woodgate Crossing 1m 416yds
21 Drayton 2m 1643yds URS 35
22 Portfield 0m 1378yds
23 Whyke Road 0m 867yds DRS 50
24 Chichester East 0m 1208yds
25 Chichester West 0m 351yds
26 Fishbourne Crossing 0m 1033yds
Fishbourne Halt
27 Bosham Station 2m 475yds DRS 45
Nutbourne Halt
28 Southbourne 2m 1147yds
29 Emsworth Station 1m 776yds
30 Warblington Halt 1m 335yds URS 60
31 Havant Station 0m 789yds DPL 38
UPL 60
DRS 70
32 Bedhampton Crossing 0m 1393yds
33 Farlington Junction 2m 690yds
34 Portcreek Junction 0m 973yds
35 Green Lanes Crossing 0m 1427yds
36 Fratton East 1m 1357yds
37 ↑↕↕↑ Fratton West 0m 460yds
38 ↑↕↑ Portsmouth Yard 0m 925yds
39 Portsmouth Harbour Station 0m 1581yds