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York (Waterworks) to Scarborough (including Foss Island Branch)

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 70 m.p.h. York to Flaxton (8M. 60chs.)
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h. Flaxton (8M. 60chs.) to Malton
Maximum permissible speed 70 m.p.h. Malton to Seamer
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h. Seamer to Scarborough
1 York
2 Burton Lane 1m 97yds
3 Bootham 0m 919yds
4 Haxby Station 2m 1036yds DRS 42
5 Strensall Station 2m 732yds DRS 47
URS 56
6 Flaxton Station 2m 1170yds URS 12
7 Barton Hill Station 2m 616yds URS 43* * West of station worked by Ground Frame
8 Kirkham Abbey Station 3m 692yds urs 58
9 Crambeck 1m 411yds
10 Huttons Ambo Station 2m 264yds
11 Malton West 2m 841yds
12 Malton Station 0m 553yds
13 Malton East 0m 473yds
14 Houlbeckfield 1m 949yds
15 Rillington Station 2m 954yds
16 Knapton Station 2m 48yds
17 Heslerton Station 1m 1583yds
18 Weaverthorpe Station 3m 774yds
19 Ganton Station 1m 1034yds
20 Seamer West 4m 622yds
21 ↑↑ Seamer East 0m 747yds
22 Gasworks 1m 1717yds
23 ↓↕↕ Washbeck 0m 473yds
24 Falsgrave 0m 574yds
25 ↕↑ Scarborough Station 0m 315yds
Maximum permissible speed 20 m.p.h.
1 Burton Lane
2 Foss Islands


Castle Howard Station Lots of information about this station on the York to Scarborough line.