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Glendon South Junction to Trowell Junction (via Manton and Nottingham)

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Glendon & Rushton South Jn to Manton Junction 06.06.1966 (P)
Melton Mowbray Town Junction to London Rd. Junction 06.06.1966 (P)
Old Dalby to Nottingham London Rd. Junction 04.11.1968 (G/A) Melton Mowbray to Edwalton retained as test track
Glendon & Rushton South Junction to Corby 13.4.1987 (RO)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 75 m.p.h. on Main lines
1 Glendon & Rushton South Junction
2 Glendon & Rushton Sidings 0m 796yds DRS 43
3 Storefield 0m 1280yds DRS 42
4 Geddington 1m 685yds DRS 42
URS 40
c. 01.11.1948
5 Corby South 1m 1409yds
6 Corby North 0m 875yds
Corby Station c. 18.04.1966
7 Lloyds Sdgs. South 0m 973yds
8 Lloyds Sdgs. North 0m 873yds
8 Gretton Station 2m 1010yds c. 18.04.1966
10 Harringworth 2m 166yds URS 39 c. 01.11.1948
11 Wing Sdgs. 3m 1418yds DGL 100 2E &V*
UGL 100 2E & V
* 100 wagons, 2 engines and a brake van.
Manton Station o. 20.03.1848 c. 06.06.1966
12 Manton Junction 1m 683yds
13 Egleton 2m 205yds URS 46
Brooke Crossing (Public Level Crossing)
Braunston Crossing (Public Level Crossing)
14 Oakham Level Crossing 1m 623yds
Oakham Station
15 Oakham Junction 0m 511yds URS 80
16 Langham Junction 1m 162yds
17 Ashwell Station 1m 1340yds DRS 50 c. 06.06.1966
Sidings G.F
18 Whissendine 2m 511yds URS 45 c. 03.10.1955
19 Wymondham Goods Junction 1m 628yds
20 ↓↓Saxby Station Junction 0m 1611yds 1st c. 28.08.1892 2nd c. 06.02.1961
21 ↑↑ Saxby West Junction 0m 451yds
Brentingby Crossing (Public Level Crossing)
22 Brentingby Junction 2m 631yds
23 Melton Mowbray Town Station 1m 605yds
24 Melton Mowbray Town Junction 0m 948yds URS 60
25 Holwell Sidings 1m 1136yds
26 Grimston 1m 1399yds c. 04.02.1957
27 Old Dalby Station 1m 1425yds c. 18.04.1966
28 Widmerpool 3m 1716yds DRS 41
URS 41
o. 02.02.1880 c. 28.02.1949
29 Plumtree Station 2m 1586yds DRS 34
URS 41
c. 28.02.1949
30 Edwalton 2m 954yds DRS 38
URS 36
c. 28.07.1941
31 ↓↓London Road Junction 2m 1196yds
32 ↓↓↓ Nottingham Midland Station East (No signals for down and up goods lines) 0m 249yds
33 ↕↕↕↕ ↓↓↓ Nottingham Midland Station "B" (No signals for down passenger lines or down and up goods lines) 0m 175yds
34 ↑↕↑↑ ↓↕↓ Nottingham Midland Station "A" (No signals for up passenger lines for down and up goods lines)
35 ↑↕↑↑ Nottingham Midland Station West (No signals for goods lines) 0m298yds
36 Wilford Road 0m 396yds
37 Mansfield Junction 0m 662yds
38 Lenton North Jn 0m 709yds c. 01.07.1911
39 Radford Junction 1m 103yds c. 12.10.1964
40 Wollaton Colliery Sdgs. 1m 885yds
41 Trowell Junction 3m 742yds


On June 26th, 2005, steam returned to Midland metals. Jubilee 5690 Leander passes through Oakham Station on the down line. The semaphore signals have gone and the sleepers are concrete with long welded rails, but the footbridge and signal box, clearly Midland in origin, speak volumes about times gone by. Photograph © Mike Ball.