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Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Tavistock Junction to Launceston 01.06.1865
Connection to L&SWR at Launceston 22.09.1943* This was an emergency connection to give increased flexibility in the the event of damage to lines around Plymouth during WWII.
Connection to L&SWR at Launceston 30.06.1952 (P)
1943 connection to Launceston North 30.06.1952 (P)
Yelverton to Princetown 05.03.1956 (P/A)
Tavistock Junction to Launceston 31.12.1962 (P)
Tavistock South SWGB Siding to Lydford 07.09.1964 (G/A)
Launceston North Spur to South 28.02.1966 (G/A)
Lydford to Launceston North 28.02.1966 (G/A)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
1 Tavistock Junction
2 Marsh Mills 0m 660yds c. 31.12.1962
Plym Bridge Platforms
3 Bickleigh 3m 1518yds DRS 24
URS 21
CL 41
c. 31.12.1962
Shaugh Bridge Platform c. 31.12.1962
Clearbrook Halt c. 31.12.1962
Yelverton c. 31.12.1962
4 Horrabridge 4m 1518yds DRS 35
URS 44
CL 14
c. 31.12.1962
Whitchurch Down Platform c. 31.12.1962
5 Tavistock South 3m 1584yds CL 40 c. 31.12.1962
Mary Tavy & Blackdown c. 31.12.1962
6 Lydford 6m 1012yds DRS 26
URS 43
CL 22
c. 31.12.1962
Liddaton Halt c. 31.12.1962
Coryton c. 31.12.1962
7 Lifton 7m 1012yds CL 19 c. 31.12.1962
8 Launceston 4m 1166yds c. 30.06.1952
(Dousland) c. 05.03.1956
(Burrator & Sheeps Tor) c. 05.03.1956
(Ingra Tor Halt) c. 05.03.1956
(King Tor Halt) c. 05.03.1956
(Princetown) c. 05.03.1956



The connection between the L&SW and GWR routes at Launceston was built to give flexibility in the event of disruption caused by enemey bombing during WWII.

From December 1916, both stations at Launceston were controlled from the one (L&SWR) signal box. The building was increased in width and the equipment for each railway was placed face to face.