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Worcester to Hereford Shelwick Junction (Excl.)

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
1 Worcester Shrub Hill Junction
2 Worcester Rainbow Hill Junction 0m 198yds
Worcester Foregate Street
3 Henwick Station 1m 122yds UGL 83
Boughton Halt
Rushwick Halt
4 Bransford Road Junction 2m 742yds
5 Newland East 2m 60yds DRS 41
6 Newland West 0m 862yds UGL 56
UGL 79*
* 56 to Newland East Up Goods Loop Home Signal. 79 to Newland East Up Goods Loop Starting Signal.
7 Malvern Link Station 1m 168yds URS 43
8 Great Malvern Station 1m 62yds DGL 54
UGL 54
9 Malvern Wells Station 1m 558yds
10 Colwall Station 1m 694yds DRS 56
URS 64
11 Ledbury Tunnel North End 3m 560yds
12 Ledbury Station 1m 146yds
13 Ashperton Station 4m 16yds URS 35
14 Stoke Edith Station 2m 440yds DRS 38
URS 41
15 Withington Station 3m 135yds DRS 34
URS 41
16 Hereford Shelwick Junction 2m 1400yds