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Rugby No.7 to Stafford No.1 (via Birmingham)

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum Permissible speed 75 m.p.h. Rugby Midland to Stafford No.1 on Main Lines
Maximum Permissible speed 45 m.p.h. Rugby Midland to Stafford No.1 on Goods Lines
1 Rugby Midland No.7
2 Brandon & Wolston Station 5m 1469yds
3 Brandon Ballast Pit 1m 970yds URS 66
DGL 59
4 Humber Road Junction 2m 245yds
5 Whitley Wharf 0m 900yds
6 ↓↓Coventry No.1 0m 919yds
7 ↑↑ Coventry No.2 0m 396yds
8 Coventry No.3 0m 324yds DRS 53
9 Canley Gates Halt (L.C.) 1m 300yds
10 Tile Hill Station (L.C.) 2m 202yds
11 Berkswell Station (L.C.) 1m 1605yds DRS 65
12 Hampton-in-Arden Station 3m 429yds DRS 72
13 Hampton 0m 815yds
14 Marston Green Station (L.C.) 3m 426yds DRS 44
Lea Hall Station
15 ↓↓Stechford No.1 2m 1062yds
16 Stechford No.2 0m 385yds
17 Adderley Park Station 1m 1321yds
18 Exchange Sidings 0m 1095yds
19 Grand Junction 0m 637yds
20 Proof House Junction 0m 512yds
21 ↓↓Birmingham New Street No.1 0m 971yds
22 ↕↑ Birmingham New Street No.5 0m 455yds
23 Sheepcote Lane 0m 1203yds
24 ↑↑ Monument Lane Station 0m 414yds
25 Harbourne Junction 0m 486yds
Winson Green Station
26 Winson Green Junction 0m 1367yds
27 Soap Works 0m 608yds
28 Soho 0m 533yds
29 Smethwick Station 0m 1198yds
30 Galton Junction 0m 648yds
31 Spon Lane 0m 996yds
Spon Lane Station
32 Oldbury 0m 1398yds DRS 25
Oldbury and Bromford Lane Station
33 West Bromwich Gas Siding 0m 1291yds
34 Albion Station (L.C.) 0m 476yds
35 Dudley Port Junction 1m 437yds
36 Mond Gas Co’s Siding 0m 411yds
37 Watery Lane (L.C.) 0m 495yds
38 Tipton Owen Street Station (L.C.) 0m 358yds
39 Bloomfield Junction 0m 1006yds DRS 47
Coseley Deepfields Station
40 Deepfields 1m 421yds
41 Spring Vale Sidings 0m 1070yds DRS 29
Ettingshall Road and Bilston Station
42 Catchem’s Corner 0m 1474yds
43 Monmore Green 0m 1021yds
44 Wolverhampton H.L. No.1 0m 1323yds
45 Wolverhampton H.L. No.2 0m 227yds
46 ↑↑ Wolverhampton H.L. No.3 0m 282yds
47 Wolverhampton H.L. No.4 0m 264yds
48 Bushbury No.1 1m 662yds
49 Bushbury No.2 0m 515yds DGL 58
50 Ford Houses Station 2m 938yds PL 31*
PL 32*
* Both bi-directional
51 Four Ashes Station 1m 1117yds UGL 60
52 Littleton Colliery 3m 80yds
Penkridge Station
53 Penkridge Goods 1m 106yds DRS 63
54 Stafford No.1 4m 970yds UGL 120