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Stalybridge No. 4 to Diggle Junction (via Micklehurst)

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Throughout 01.12.1885 (G)
Throughout 03.05.1886(P)
Stalybridge No.4 to Diggle 07.09.1964 (P)
Friezland to Diggle 07.09.1964 (G/A)
Staley & Millbrook to Friezland 27.02.1965 (G)
Stalybridge No.4 to Staly & Millbrook (Hartshead Power Station) 00.00.1975
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 75 m.p.h.
1 Stalybridge No. 4
2 Staley and Millbrook 1m 1264yds c. 01.11.1909
3 Micklehurst 0m 1114yds URS 76
DRS 45
c. 01.05.1907
4 Friezland Sidings 1m 428yds
5 Friezland 0m 835yds c. 01.01.1917
6 Uppermill 1m 455yds DRS 58 c. 01.01.1917
7 Diggle Junction 1m 737yds c. 07.10.1963


Railways around Stalybridge and the famous Stalybridge Station buffet bar.


Although it lost its stopping passenger service so long ago, this route offers some fascinating glimpses of the past for the enthusiast. At Staley & Millbrook a good warehouse remains, as does a building associated with the sidings for the power station. From here, the coal was carried over the railway and canal by a covered conveyor, a large portion of which still stands in mute testament to better days.

Of the stations, no platforms remain and Staley and Millbrook station has been completely obliterated. However, the station buildings at Micklehurst, Friezland and Uppermill are still in use as private residences. Sections of the line have been converted into a footpath/cycleway.