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Ashbourne No. 2 to Edgeley Junction No. 1

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
[Hurdlow] Parsley Hay to Hindlow Station [Whaley Bridge] 06.07.1831 (G)
Whaley Bridge to Edgeley Junction 09.06.1857
Buxton to Whaley Bridge 15.06.1863 (P)
Buxton to Whaley Bridge 01.07.1863 (G)
Hurdlow to Dowlow Deviation 03.01.1969
Hindlow to Buxton 27.06.1892 (G)
Hindlow to Buxton 01.06.1894 (P)
Ashbourne to Parsley Hay 00.001899
Ashbourne to Hartington 07.10.1963 (G)
Hartington to Parsley Hay 02.10.1967 (G)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h.
1 Ashbourne No. 2 (Midland Lines)
Thorpe Cloud Station (Midland Lines) c. 1.11.1954
Tissington Station (Midland Lines) c. 1.11.1954
2 Alsop en le Dale Station (Midland Lines) 6m 1605yds CL 27 c. 1.11.1954
3 Hartington Station (Midland Lines) 4m 1256yds CL 27 c. 1.11.1954
4 Parsley Hay Station (Midland Lines) 1m 1420yds c. 1.11.1954
(Hurdlow) c. 15.8.1949
(Dowlow Halt) c. 1.11.1954
5 Briggs’ Sidings 4m 886yds
6 Hindlow Station 1m 396yds c. 1.11.1954
7 Buxton Higher 2m 1352yd c. 2.4.1951
8 ↓↓ Buxton No. 2 0m 905yds
9 ↑↑ Buxton Junction No. 1 0m 144yds
10 Bibbington’s Sidings 2m 237yds
11 Dove Holes Station 0m 976yds
12 Chapel en le Frith South Station 2m 513yds
13 Whaley Bridge Station 3m 1461yds
14 Furness Vale Station (L.C.) 1m 592yds
15 New Mills Newtown Station 1m 33yds URS 36 (Up) 50 (Down)
16 Disley Station 1m 1193yds URS 35
17 Middlewood Low Level Junction 1m 808yds
Middlewood Station
18 Hazel Grove Station 2m 607yds DRS 39
URS 29
19 Woodsmoor Station (L.C.) 1m 230yds o. 0.10.1990
Davenport Station
20 Davenport Junction 0m 1271yds
21 Edgeley Junction No. 1 0m 754yds


The Friends of Davenport Station
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