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Carnforth No.2 Junction to Whitehaven Bransty No.2

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 70 m.p.h.
1 Carnforth No.2 Junction – –
2 Carnforth Station Junction 0m 397yds
3 Carnforth F&M Junction 0m 460yds
4 Silverdale Station 2m 1715yds URS 61
5 Arnside Station 2m1034yds
6 Meathop 1m 1293yds
7 Grange-over-Sands 1m 524yds
Kents Bank Station
Wraysholme Halt
8 Cark Station 4m 383yds DRS 37
DRS 37
URS 53
9 Plumpton Junction 4m 226yds DRS 93
10 Ulverston Station 1m 1529yds UGL 55
11 Lindal Ore Sidings 2m 581yds
12 ? Dalton Station 1m 1475yds
13 Dalton Junction 0m 1224yds
14 Roose Station 2m 1140yds
15 ? Salthouse Junction 0m 1053yds
16 ? St. Luke’s Junction* 0m 571yds * Appears to only signal he Up and Down through siding, but the appendix does not state this
17 Barrow-in-Furness South 0m 1365yds
18 ↕↕↑ Barrow-in-Furness North 0m 436yds
? Hawcoat Branch (G.F.)
19 Park South (L.C.) 4m 36yds
20 Askam Station (L.C.) 1m 1694yds
21 Kirkby-in-Furness Station (L.C.) 3m 357yds
22 Foxfield Station (L.C.) 2m 447yds DRS 41
23 Green Road Station (L.C.) 1m 1637yds
24 Millom Station 2m 1173yds
25 Silecroft Station (L.C.) 3m 125yds
26 Bootle Station (L.C.) 5m 539yds URS 46
Monkmoors Halt
27 Vickers Gun Range Siding 2m 121yds
Eskmeals Station
28 Ravenglass Station 2m 660yds
29 Drigg Station (L.C.) 2m 122yds
30 Seascale South 1m 977yds
31 Seascale Station 0m 705yds
32 Sellafield Station (L.C.) 2m 40yds
Braystones Station
33 Nethertown Station 3m 857yds CL 28 down/25 up
34 St. Bees Station (L.C.) 2m 1493yds CL 37 down/34 up
35 Corkickle No.1 3m 409yds
36 Corkickle No.2 0m 551yds
37 Whitehaven Bransty No.1 0m 1651yds
38 ↕↑ Whitehaven Bransty No.2 0m 188yds


Carnforth Station and Visitor Centre
West Coast Railways (Based at the old Carnforth Steam shed)