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Keymer Crossing to Eastbourne and Ore

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 85 m.p.h. for locomotive hauled passenger trains
Maximum permissible speed 75 m.p.h. for multiple unit trains
Maximum permissible speed 60 m.p.h. for freight trains
1 Keymer Crossing
2 Spatham Lane 1m 1673yds
3 Plumpton Station 1m 1132yds URS 45
4 Cooksbridge Station 2m 1460yds URS 45
5 Hamsey Crossing 0m 1233yds
6 Lewes West 1m 1351yds
7 Lewes Main Junction 0m 270yds
8 Lewes East 0m 694yds URS 25
URS 25
URS 30
9 Southerham Junction 0m 516yds
10 Beddingham Crossing 1m 327yds
11 Glynde Station 1m 100yds DRS 18
12 Ripe Crossing 2m 304yds
13 Berwick Station 2m 679yds
14 Wilmington Crossing 1m 1171yds
15 Polegate Crossing 2m 157yds URS 24
16 ↓↓ Polegate "A" 0m 347yds
17 ↑↑ Polegate "B" 0m 362yds
18 Hampden Park Station 2m 176yds
19 Eastbourne Station 1m 1519yds
1 Polegate "B"
2 Stone Cross Junction 1m 1317yds
1 Hampden Park Station
2 Stone Cross Junction 1m 871yds
3 Pevensey and Westham Station 1m 863yds URS 43
Pevensey Bay Halt
Normans Bay Halt
4 Pevensey Sluice 3m 1254yds
Cooden Beach Station
Collington Halt
6 Bexhill Central Station 3m 59yds
7 Galley Hill Sidings 0m 1542yds
8 St. Leonards West Marina Station 1m 1659yds
9 Bopeep Junction 0m 569yds
St. Leonards Warrior Square Station
10 Hastings Station 1m 1203yds DPL 27
UPL 27
11 Ore Station 0m 1559yds * Direction is up from Hastings to Ore