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Inverness to Wick (Inc Inverness Harbour and Lybster Branches)

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Inverness to Dingwall 11.06.1862
Dingwall to Invergordon 25.03.1863
Invergordon to Meikle Ferry 01.06.1864
Meikle Ferry to Bonar Bridge 01.10.1864
Bonar Bridge to Golspie 13.04.1868
Golspie to Helmsdale 19.06.1871
Helmsdale to Wick 28.07.1874
Wick to Lybster 01.07.1903 01.04.1944
Inverness Harbour Branch 06.11.1855
Inverness Harbour Branch 00.06.1867
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Maximum permissible speed Inverness to Culrain 60 m.p.h.
Maximum permissible speed Culrain to 70 m.p. (Between Lairg and Rogart) 45 m.p.h.
Maximum permissible speed 70 m.p. (Between Lairg and Rogart) to Kildonan 60 m.p.h.
Maximum permissible speed Kildonan to Georgemas Junction 50 m.p.h.
Maximum permissible speed Georgemas Junction to Wick 60 m.p.h.
1 Welsh’s Bridge
2 Rose Street 0m 494yds
3 Clachnaharry 1m 912yds c. 01.04.1913
4 Bunchrew Station 2m 43yds c. 13.06.1960
5 Lentran Station 2m 230yds c. 13.06.1960
6 Clunes Station 1m 1413yds c. 13.06.1960
Beauly South
7 Beauly Station 2m 828yds CL 47 c. 13.06.1960
Beauly North
8 Muir of Ord Station 3m 78yds CL 67 c. 15.06.1960 RO. 04.10.1976
9 Conon Station 3m 206yds CL 51 c. 13.06.1960
10 Dingwall South 2m 483yds
11 Dingwall North 0m 597yds DRS 50
Foulis Station c. 13.06.1960
Evanton South
12 Evanton Station 6m 192yds CL 33 c. 13.06.1960
Evanton North
Alness South
13 Alness Station 3m 1034yds CL 59
Alness North
Invergordon South
14 Invergordon Station 2m 1484yds CL 61
DRS 40
Invergordon North
Delny Station c. 13.06.1960
Kildary South
Kildary North c. 13.06.1960
15 Kildray Station 5m 519yds CL 41
Nigg Station c. 13.06.1960
16 Fearn Station 3m 1752yds CL 53
Tain South
17 Tain Station 3m 1012yds CL 39
Tain North
(Meikle Ferry) c. 01.01.1869
Edderton South
18 Edderton Station 5m 665yds CL 44 c. 13.06.1960
Edderton North
Mid Fearn c. 01.09.1865
Bonar Bridge Halt
Bonar Bridge South
19 Bonar Bridge Station 8m 316yds CL 67
Bonar Bridge North
20 Culrain Station 3m 201yds CL 31
Invershin Station
Lairg South
21 Lairg Station 5m 1720yds CL 46
Lairg North
Rogart South
22 Rogart Station 9m 1747yds CL 51
Rogart North
23 The Mound Junction 3m 1502yds CL 27* * Goods loop worked in both directions c. 13.06.1960
Golspie South
24 Golspie Station 3m 1131yds CL 47
Golspie North
Dunrobin Halt c. 29.11.1965
Brora South
25 Brora Station 6m 267yds CL 57
Brora North
Loth Station c. 13.06.1960
(West Helmsdale) c. 19.06.1961
26 Helmsdale Station 10m 1598yds CL 39
Helmdale South
Helmsdale North
Salzcraggie Halt c. 29.11.1965
Kildonan South
27 Kildonan Station 9m 1052yds CL 33
Kildonan North
Borrobol Halt c. 29.11.1965
Kinbrace South
28 Kinbrace Station 7m 431yds CL 47
Kinbrace North
Forsinard South
29 Forsinard Station 7m 1018yds CL 38
Forsinard North
Altnabreac South
30 Altnabreac Station 8m 189yds CL 37
Altnabreac North
Scotscalder South
31 Scotscalder Station 9m 110yds CL 39
Scotscalder North
32 Halkirk Station c. 13.06.1960
Georgemas Junction
33 Georgemas Station 4m 394yds CL 37
URS 30
Georgemas North
Bower Station c. 13.06.1960
Watten South
34 Watten Station 6m 1149yds CL 40 c. 13.06.1960
Watten North
35 Bilbster Stn. c. 13.06.1960
36 Wick Station 7m 582yds
Wick to Lybster
(Only stations shown and cumulative mileage shown. No other information available)
(Wick Junction) 0m 19chs Not a station
(Thrumster) 4m 32chs c. 01.04.1944
(Welsh’s Crossing Halt) 6m 52chs c. 01.04.1944
(Ulbster) 7m 57chs c. 01.04.1944
(Midclyth) 9m 52chs c. 01.04.1944
(Roster Road Halt) 10m 09chs c. 01.04.1944
(Occumster) 12m 32chs c. 01.04.1944
(Parkside Halt) 12m 72chs c. 01.04.1944
(Plantation Level Crossing) 13m 26chs Not a station
(Lybster) 13m 63chs c. 01.04.1944



The Brora Colliery Tramway:Railway Magazine January 1960