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Stirling to Touch South

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 65 m.p.h.
1 Stirling North
2 Stirling East 0m 594yds
3 Causewayhead 0m 1289yds
4 Manor Powis 1m 1017yds
5 Cambus Junction Station 1m 1065yds
6 Alloa West 1m 1347yds
7 Alloa Central 0m 607yds
8 Alloa East 0m 406yds
9 Hilton Road 0m 988yds
10 Kincardine Junction 0m 1476yds
11 Tulligarth 0m 1666yds
12 Bogside (Fife) 3m 618yds
East Grange
13 Blairhall 2m 756yds
14 Oakley (Fife) Station 1m 75yds
15 Whitemyre 3m 483yds
16 Dunfermline Upper Station 1m 573yds
17 Touch Nth. 0m 1313yds
18 Touch South 0m 850yds
1 Touch Nth.
2 Townhill Junction 0m 1452yds