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The Midland Pullman

These pages are taken from the Working Timetable dated 12th September, 1960 to 11th June, 1961. (I was born about a month before it expired, leaving me with the permanent feeling that I was born at least 15 years too late!) They chart journeys on the Midland main line from Manchester to London St. Pancras and return, but they particularly show the journey of the Midland Pullman. The Midland Pullman was driven by London men who lodged overnight in Manchester. The train was stabled at Reddish Depot where the words ‘Pullman Oil’ remained painted on the wall until demolition. It left Reddish at 07.40, arriving at Manchester Central at 08.12 and left for London at 08.50. Notice how its timings compared with the ‘ordinary’ service that left Manchester just 5 minutes later. The return service left London at 18.10 and was safely tucked up at Reddish again for 22.10, hardly constituting a generous break for the crew.