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Hasland Sidings (L.M.R.) to Houghton Colliery Sdgs (N.E.R.)

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum Permissible Speed 80 m.p.h. on Main and Fast lines Hasland Sidings and Houghton Colliery Sidings (N.E.R.) (via Sheffield)
Maximum Permissible Speed 45 m.p.h. on Goods lines (Freight Trains Only) Hasland Sidings and Houghton Sidings (N.E.R.) (via Sheffield)
1 Hasland Sdgs.
2 Horns Bridge 1m 907yds DRS 31
3 Hollis Lane (Signals goods lines only) 0m 425yds
4 Chesterfield Midland South 0m 382yds
Chesterfield Midland Station
5 Chesterfield Midland North 0m 285yds
6 Tapton Junction 0m 936yds DPL 57
Sheepbridge Station
7 Unstone Colliery Sdgs. 2m 1756yds DRS 45
URS 35
8 Dronfield Station 1m 947yds DRS 20
9 Colliery Sdgs. 0m 977yds DRS 41
URS 35
10 Dore and Totley South Junction 2m 59yds
11 Dore and Totley Station Junction 0m 691yds
12 Beauchief Station 0m 1181yds
13 Millhouses and Eccleshall Stn. 0m 1598yds
14 Heeley Carriage Sdgs. 0m 1330yds
15 Heeley Station 0m 840yds
16 Queens Road 0m 1072yds
17 Sheffield Midland South No.2 (Signals up lines only) 0m 1043yds
18 ↕↑ ↓↓ Sheffield Midland South No.1 (Signals down lines only)
19 ↕↑ ↓↓ Sheffield Midland Station B (Signals up lines only including No.5 platform line) 0m 253yds
20 ↑↑↕↑ ↓↓ Sheffield Midland Station A (Signals down lines only except No.5 platform line)
21 ↑↑↕↑ Sheffield Midland North Junction 0m 156yds
22 Nunnery Main Line Junction 0m 883yds
Attercliffe Road Station
23 Mill Race Junction 1m 160yds
24 Grimesthorpe Jn No.2 (Signals down goods line and Wicker Branch only) 0m 440yds
25 Grimesthorpe Jn No.1 (Does not signal down goods line) 0m 97yds
26 Upwell Street Jn 0m 612yds
27 Brightside Station Junction 0m 585yds
28 Wincobank Station Junction 0m 984yds
29 Wincobank North Junction 0m 1094yds
30 Harrison and Camms Sdgs. 1m 15yds
31 ↓↓ Holmes Junction 0m 286yds
32 Rotherham Masbor’ Stn South Junction 0m 558yds
33 Rotherham Masbor’ Stn North Junction 0m 418yds
34 Parkgate Junction 1m 59yds
35 Rawmarsh Station 0m 1179yds
36 Roundwood 0m 1694yds
37 Roundwood Sdgs No.2 (Does not signal fast or slow lines) 0m 840yds
38 Kilnhurst West South Stn. 0m 678yds
39 Swinton Town Station 1m 317yds
40 Swinton Town Junction 0m 702yds
41 Wath Road Junction 0m 1208yds
42 Manvers Main Colliery 0m 1586yds
43 Wath North Station 0m 558yds URS 60
44 Wath North North 0m 524yds DRS 60
(Darfield Main Station) (1st)
45 Darfield Main Station (2nd) 1m 1454yds
46 Dearne Valley Colliery Sdgs. (Signals goods lines only) 0m 1404yds
47 Houghton Colliery Sdgs. 0m 916yds