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Mexborough to Barnsley Junction (via Barnsley)

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 40 m.p.h.
1 Mexborough No. 2
1 Mexborough No. 3
2 Mexborough No. 1 0m 417yds
2 Mexborough No. 1 0m 574yds
1 Mexborough No. 1
2 Swinton Junction 0m 811yds
3 Mexborough No. 4 0m 300yds
1 Dearne Junction
2 Mexborough West Junction 0m 1628yds
4 Mexborough West Junction 0m 773yds
5 Adwick Crossing 0m 568yds
6 Staithe Crossing 0m 463yds
1 Dearne Junction
2 Wath Central Junction 0m 1483yds
7 Wath Central Junction 0m 529yds
8 Wath Central Station 0m 810yds
Moor Road Bridge 0m 268yds
Wath Yard "A" Sidings 0m 875yds
Wath Yard "B" Sidings 0m 305yds
9 Elsecar Junction 0m 953yds
10 Wombwell Central Station 1m 434yds
11 Darfield Main 0m 419yds
12 Mitchells Main 0m 865yds
13 Aldam Junction 0m 420yds
14 New Oaks Junction 0m 1360yds
15 Stairfoot No. 2 (Signals goods lines only) 0m 568yds
16 Stairfoot Junction 0m 525yds
17 Old Oaks Junction 0m 639yds
18 Quarry Junction 0m 1501yds
19 Jumble Lane 0m 1501yds
20 Exchange Junction 0m 365yds URS 60
1 Exchange Junction
2 Silkstone Junction (N.E.R.) 2m 535yds
21 Courthouse Junction 0m 460yds
1 Courthouse Junction
2 Courthouse Junction Goods Yard 0m 220yds
22 Summer Lane Station 0m 1227yds
23 Dodworth Station 1m 1251yds
24 Silkstone Station 1m 1130yds DRS 30
URS 28
25 West Silkstone Junction 0m 1501yds DRS 26
26 Oxspring Junction 1m 354yds
27 Barnsley Junction Junction 0m 482yds