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Seaton Station (L.M.R.) to Peterborough East

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 50 m.p.h.
1 Seaton Station (L.M.R.)
2 Wakerley and Barrowden Station 3m 355yds DRS 27*
URS 36*
* One siding only on up side of line
3 King’s Cliffe Station 3m 1403yds URS 31
DRS 35
4 Nassington Station 3m 1680yds
5 Yarwell Junction 0m 1276yds
Wansford Station 1m 37yds DRS 26
6 Castor Station
7 Orton Waterville Station 3m 1135yds
8 Woodstone Wharf 2m 658yds DRS 35
9 Peterborough East 0m 747yds