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Rochdale Branch Sidings to Facit (Single Goods Line)

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Rochdale to Facit 05.10.1870 (G)
Rochdale to Facit 01.11.1870 (P)
Facit to Bacup 01.12.1881
Rochdale to Bacup 16.06.1947 (P)* * Closing dates for two stations on the line, Shawclough and Broadley, indicate that this may have been a temporary closure that became permanent on 14.12.1949. As yet, however, I have found no confirmation of this.
Facit to Bacup 11.10.1954 (G)* * Another source gives this closing date as 16.06.1947
Whitworth to Facit 12.08.1963 (G)
Rochdale to Whitworth 21.08.1967 (G)

Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, signal boxes and Junctions Distance from signal box next above Loops and refuge sidings Notes
Maximum permissible speed 35 m.p.h.
Rochdale East Junction*
1 Rochdale Branch Sdgs.
2 Wardleworth Station 0m 1586yds c. 16.6.1947
Shawclough & Healey Station c. 16.6.1947 Previously closed on 02.04.1917. Reopening date not traced.
Broadley Station c. 16.6.1947 (Temp) 14.12.1949 (Perm)
Whitworth Station c. 16.6.1947
Facit Goods Yard 3m 1725yds
Facit Station c. 16.6.1947 (Temp) 14.12.1949 (Perm)
Shawforth Station c. 16.6.1947
Britannia Station c. 02.04.1917
8 Bacup Station Junction c. 05.12.1966

* It appears that the line between Rochdale East Junction and Rochdale Branch Sdgs. was not a main line in 1960 and that there was no main line connection between the Facit branch and the Manchester to Hebden Bridge line. The Facit branch is shown in total isolation from the rest of the network. The mileage between these two points is from a later book which shows the opening times of signal boxes. Whether or not this indicates that a main line connection (i.e. Controlled by some form of block system) had been reinstated, I have no idea.


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