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Bolton, Fletcher Street Junction to Kenyon Junction No. 1

Stations are indicated by an ‘#’ symbol prior to the place name. Signal boxes are indicated by numbers in the left hand column.  Location names are as shown in the 1960 Sectional Appendix and may be different from the station name.

Section of Line Opened Closed Notes
Leigh to Bolton 01.08.1828 (Fri) (G)
Kenyon Junction to Leigh 01.01.1831 (Sat) (G)
Kenyon Junction to Bolton 13.06.1831 (P)
Chequerbent & Daubhill Inclines 02.02.1885 (A)
Chequerbent & Daubhill Deviations 02.02.1885 (A)
Deansgate Good Branch 25.02.1930 (Tue) (G)
Kenyon Junction to Bolton 29.03.1954 (P)
Remaining section of Daubhill Incline 11.05.1964 (G)
Hulton’s Sidings to Bolton 16.10.1967 (G)
[Howe Bridge Est & West Jn’s] Pennington Junction to Hulton’s Sidings 06.01.1969 (G)
[Eccles Junction] Pennington Jn to Kenyon Junction No.1 03.05.1969 (A)
Junctions and other features Running Lines Stations, Signal Boxes and Junctions Distance from Signal Box above Loops and Refuge Sidings Notes
Up Down
Maximum permissible speed 45 m.p.h.
1 Fletcher St. Junction
2 # Rumworth & Daubhill 2nd1 (Map) 1m 588yds c. 3.3.1952
3 Hulton’s Sidings 1m 149yds
4 # Chequerbent 2nd1 (Map) 0m 992yds c. 3.3.1952
5 # Atherton Bag Lane Station (Map) 1m 112yds c. 29.3.1954
6 Atherton Bag Lane Junction 0m 960yds
7 Fletcher’s Siding 0m 1223yds
# Atherleigh Station (Map) c. 29.3.1954
8 West Leigh Branch 0m 1613yds
# West Leigh Station (Map) c. 29.3.1954
9 # Pennington South Junction (Map) 1m 497yds URS 74* * On Bickershaw Branch. Pennington Station c. 29.3.1954
10 Kenyon Junction No. 2 1m 515yds
11 # Kenyon Junction No. 1 0m 556yds


1. The original route of this railway included two inclines. The 1st stations at Chequerbent and Daubhill were situated on these inclines and were closed on 2.2.1885, when the deviation routes opened.